10 MYTHS about CANNABIS That simply AREN'T TRUE!

Check out our new History Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBnvmu9cLVwbhRHALNDh_og 10 false myths surrounding cannabis! There are a lot …


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  1. On the "cannabis is a gateway drug" deal, I'd say its true that it can be, it is however trough cannabis being illegal so if you know how to get weed, you also know where to get cocaine etc.

  2. thank you, good to hear 40 years of smoking thank you again for presenting some straightforward truths about a plant that has been so misunderstood and sadly often condemned

  3. The only reason that cannabis is the first drug most harder drug users partake in is because the same people who deal in harder drugs, are illegal drug dealers and they sell illegal drugs. Until cannabis is 100%, that’s the way it will stay.

  4. I tried telling this old neighbor guy I used to blaze with that holding it in literally made no difference 😂 he would always try to argue with me lmao! Glad you confirmed that for me

  5. Nice of you to clear these myths. But total fail in bringing up alcohol crime and effects, and nicotine adiction, those are cheap comparisons usually used by argument-less people and only cheapen people who have arguments in defense of cannabis use

  6. People can be addicted to any substance. Sugar, coffee, food. Marijuana is no different. It's not addictive like hard drugs but people can form addictions/addictive habits.

  7. Causation= seek not to have things happen as you would chose them but rather chose that things shall happen as they do and you will live prosperously. Becoming a master of the cause, rather than a slave to the effect. Thus we must understand that which we take into the mind= the music and media we listen too. Is just as healthy or in this case hazardous to our health as eating rotten food. The key to a healthy mind is ataraxia, tranquility, equnemty, repose of mind to look on all things with a mind at peace. When an unhealthy thought= such as those who seek to only vex you out of their own sick pleasure or otherwise as aforementioned. Block them out by remaining silent of speach and of thoughts as well. Try going as long as you can without thinking of anything at all= this is your safe zone. Giving hate and iniquity no place to rest in your mind and heart. Lastly you've heard the term that idle hands are the devils workshop= sloth, laziness, or all around bitter mindset, like those who vex you and feed on the negative emotions of your downfall. So since man's attempts at material conquest are doomed to inevitably defeat. So it is that philosophic indefrence is the only reasonable attitude to which that materlist, and selfish struggle is doomed to inevitably defeat. Since it is impossible for the individual will to fight the universal will. We must not reject our pleasures but we must select them by weigh of our faith and reason as one pure love and the mind will act as aforementioned upon causation, causes leading to the desired effects. But doing so out of sheer material gain will leave you empty. This is why the great reconstruction of philosophy is at hand. To marry then our souls counterpart in another form Male and female positive and negative proton and neutron a something and a nothing at the same time. So hard it is for scientist to understand the infinite or likewise express such by clearly identifying a nothing as existing. But the parallel of quantum mechanics shows and verifies that the infinite upon being measured weather we understand it or not does indeed exist. So before you seek the material world remember this quote that if what you have seems insufficient to you. Then though you may possess the world you will yet be miserable and the rest will fall into place.

  8. Cannabis is medicine. Criminalization of cannabis violates the constitution. Health care comes second to government corruption. Government corruption is protected by the courts. Attorneys are capitalists enabling government corruption for a paycheck

  9. Smoked everyday when I was in college and had a 3.6 GPA…also smoking at night leads to better sleep. I would have to say that there are signs of a withdrawl effect being a difference in mood or irritated but at the same time that only last a day or two so I would say the addiction isn't like those of heroin, Cocain, meth or opium even which is an actual physical need from the body it's more mental. I could talk on these topics forever as this was my course of study in college. Great video

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