Spotify is taking over Delta’s entire in-flight audio section

Spotify has announced that it’s taking over the audio section of Delta’s in-flight seatback entertainment by offering its most popular playlists along with 42 select podcast series starting on September 1st. While it doesn’t mean that you’ll get random access to all Spotify content, you’ll get a decent selection of popular music and podcasts from the streaming service. 

The content is “licensed directly by Delta and free for all passengers,” and includes podcasts like Crime Junkie, Science Vs, StartUp, The Dave Chang Show, The Hottest Take, The Journal and more. Not surprisingly, several of those are Spotify originals. For playlists, you’ll get access to selections like Mood Booster, Are & Be, Hot Country, mint, Today’s Top Hits, Relax & Unwind, RapCaviar and Ultimate Indie. That should provide a pretty broad mix of popular music, though likely nothing too eclectic. 

The deal is an extension to Delta’s arrangement with Spotify that started in 2019. At that point, however, Delta only offered a limited selection of Spotify podcasts like The Pitch, Homecoming and Dope Labs. Now, it appears that Delta’s audio mix is all Spotify, albeit in a limited way — an interesting development in the relationship. 

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