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தொப்பை குறைய நான் செய்தவை I Tips from my weight loss journey in Tamil

Sharing my experience with my weight loss journey in Tamil. Dr. Palaniappan Manickam MD, MPH Internal Medicine | Gastroenterology | Epidemiologist For …


31 thoughts on “தொப்பை குறைய நான் செய்தவை I Tips from my weight loss journey in Tamil

  1. As we have gotten new friends in my recent Tamil channel, thought to re-share with you the previously published video.

  2. I can see you Dr, have lost tons of muscle…!

  3. My age 46,
    weight 71.2 kg
    Height 162 cm
    Myfitnesspal app downloaded.
    Target 1500 calories.
    Every bites entered in app.

  4. Sir am a staff nurse n am staying in hostel regularly I do 10am to 7 pm duty how can I follow this sunrise n sunset diet.

  5. Hi sir my weight is 85 female hight is 5. 1 how should I eat to loss weight

  6. Sir pregenyku apram vara thopaiya karaika advice soluga pla

  7. Sorry sir, I didn't mention my name Jayashree…age 40 height 5.1 weight 63….I need to cut 8 kgs

  8. Dr sir…I am a kidney transplant surgery done by me 5 months before….but due to steroids I can't cut my weight… eating protein eggetatian and no rice only taking millets,oats and even no sugar with less salt….but 2 times coffee in a day with milk without sugar…no snacks ….doing 1 hour walking in the morning 2 hours weight workout….but same weight no improvement….what should u advice…dr told Bez of steiords…any other way to loose weight… pls advise

  9. Hello doctor.. I have gastric problem. I have two kids and living in Singapore. Managing them is v difficult. I can't eat at proper time. I have huge belly fat 😭 badly want to reduce it. I had ulcer problem also. Sometimes chest burn, upper stomach discomfort is there. Pls can u tel me wat al the foods I should avoid or I can eat to reduce my gastric and acidity problem and reduce my belly fat. 🙏 🙏

  10. Thank you dr
    It's useful for me

  11. புட்டு சாப்புடலாமோ??

  12. Sir நான் இப்ப 85kg 😫 morning night என்ன என்ன சாப்பாடு சாப்புடோனும் எண்டு சொல்லுங்கோ…
    இலங்கையில் jaffna வில் இருந்து 🙏

  13. Dr. please do a video on weight gain..please

  14. Dr. Pal low carb/paleo diet pathi unga parvai yenna nu oru video poduga.

  15. Sir, I have a doubt. If we just stick to 10am- 6 pm eating time regularly , then for 16 hrs , we wouldn't be consuming anything ,rite. In this case, does it cause any ulcer issue ? Since we wouldn't have any food for long!

  16. Sir enakki 1.anteal gastritis
    2.fattyliver garede 1
    3.appendix vikkam irukku sir
    Diat pannlama

  17. Dr.please talk about intermittent Fasting

  18. doc I had tried fasting 1 time but gastroenterologist in apolo hospital adviced that I should not leave more gaps between 1 meal and another as it develops gas and bloating. so whenever I try to fast , I get more burps and some discomfort around middle of chest left side..and backside.. is intermittent fasting advisable for me ? also please advice what should I eat or do for healthy pancreas or pseudo cyst doctor.alreeady avoided sour ,oily food. no deep fried, no oily fatty junk foods. only home cooked steamed foods

  19. Thank you doctor, I installed myfitnesspal app almost 3 months back after watching ur vedio. I would say one of the best app I have ever used and using everyday. It shows 1200 calories per day for me and I consume around 800 to 900 and do exercise also. past 5 months I have lost 15kgs with some serious dieting and gym exercises. myfitnesspal app has helped a lot. I reached my BMI from 26 to 24 now doctor but still waist circumference is 95cm. also I had pancreatitis past 7years .. psuedocyst in pancreas. I had reduced rice and avoided sugars completely doctor. but some days I get sweet cravings. kindly advice on what to focus more to loose that extra tummy fat and I have muscle loss also doctor. thank you so much. your the watching your vedios from dubai. originally from chennai tamil nadu..

  20. One of the best knowledge you have shared. It's worth you studied doctor and practiced for yourself.
    Note to all: Before checking your blood sugar level early morning before food. Please think what you ate a day before. 😀 Don't follow doctor who simply prescribe medicine without seeing what you eat daily, they studied for prarma company not for building healthy society.
    If everyone follow this method. Kolors clinic will shutdown in India 😀
    My data
    2005 – 102kg. No proper knowledge still managed to reduce 30kg
    2009 – 70kg.
    2020 – 98kg post marriage effect.
    Plan with myfitnesspal
    2021 Mar. 95kg- 2021 Aug. 77kg
    Understanding what I should eat and when I should eat matters.

  21. Hello Dr.Pal,
    Can you please suggest food habits for Night shift guys. We know it against nature but still that work. Can please give detail video to help the night shift working employees to stay fit. Thank

  22. Age-29
    How can I reduce 10 kg weight loss?? easy tips plz

  23. dr….congrats ….my lockdown increased weight brought down by your motivational,down to earth talks, saravanakumar, intermittent fasting, mypal, deficit calorie food intake,double active fitness sch….reduced around 4.5 kg in 30 days…83.4 to 78.6(weight measurement daily after fitness 7.30AM)

  24. if i am weightlossing weather can i drink milk or not. if i drink milk weather it gains wieght or not. pls reply me somebody says stops drinking of milk it gains weight. i am confused weather can i drink milk or not during wiegth lossing.

  25. Sir I got motivated only from your videos. Started my diet plan. U r really a humorous person sir. Thanks for your videos. Keep going 🙏

  26. Dr Pal, you are a legend. Good on you for doing one in Tamil!

    I watched your video three weeks ago and today I’m 12 days into 16:8. I look forward to an amazing healthy life.

    Your latest one on COVID-19 booster vaccine doses was helpful.I’m forwarding link to this video to my Tamil family. I’m sure there are people who will benefit from this.

  27. Hello Dr, can u provide the link pls. Thank you🙏

  28. After losing belly you looking fair too 🤩🤩 before after bright effect 😁😁 I really love the way you talk. It really takes my stress out. I’m laughing happily. Thanks doctor.

  29. சார் தங்களது பதிவு எளிமை எனது வயது62 சைவ உணவு வலது கால் போலியோ எடை 82 தங்களை எப்படி தொடர்பு கொள்வது உயரம் 155cm நன்றி

  30. Hello doc. I have ordered my food scale yet to be delivered 😀 .. actually I am into. 16 hr fasting window comfortably now . Initially I found it difficult with all night craving food and sleepness less but now I am able to do it with ease .Not seen much reduction in wt though. Once I get the food weighing scale I will text you my data as requested.

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