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Should Black People Really Ask For Reparations? | Building Black Wealth @The 10K Project

therealdana #judgejoebrown #blackwealth Reparations for black Americans. How to get reparations for yourself, family and community. We will discuss should …


22 thoughts on “Should Black People Really Ask For Reparations? | Building Black Wealth @The 10K Project

  1. Felt very informed on this show's topic and looking forward to the next.

  2. No we should not be "asking" for reparations we should be demanding it while boycotting the 2 major parties and developing a independent economic base to fund litigation against the federal government.

  3. Should the pandemic become worse the reparations will be available for everyone.

  4. Blacks people had reparations from Republicans the Platinum Plan 500 Billion to revitalize Black Communities 500,000 Black Businesses 3 Million New Black Jobs! Blacks instead voted for Biden because Roland Martin, Don Lemon and Black Hollywood said the Democrats would give more, but of course 90% of Blacks voted Democrat and instead received a Black holiday linking them to slavery and tap dancing still broke! Blacks Better Wake Up Real Quick!!!

  5. Ya know dat dem hav never ever given wi not a ting dat wi hav ever benefited from, seen, ya wat it wi gonna hav to take it, overstand

  6. Reparations is a debt owed. We need our own country. Blacks are still in the land of their captivity, under their enslavers. We must break free once and for all.

  7. I was rocking hard maybe the first half but when the men started calling it went off topic almost as if they wasn’t happy with what women were doing I wanted to hear the guest continue with as much as information as possible I actually started writing stuff down…I rarely hear men be genuinely happy about women success without buts

  8. We also received SS and melitery pay as living Benifuarie of past members cultivating generational DATA.

  9. Give my families%30 of the foriners and imergrants visa, green cards and taxes, those here and to come.

  10. My ancestors were slaves for milenia in Egypt and killed by the millions in Germany and no one asked for or expected a cent!!!

  11. Reparations has already been pd in the form of welfare, medicaid and food stamps for the past 60 years!!!

  12. blackmen arent marrying us and thats why its most of 
    us that runs the house holds

  13. We should be Demanding before this Country Falls,like a 🧱! They got💰 for everything but the American Aborigines Of Turtle Island our Ancestral Home!!!! F Everybody Else Period

  14. Keep the conversation going!!

  15. if we remain a country.

  16. you should get justice from Africa as well.

  17. i see that happening.

  18. Hell no we should demand or take it!!!!

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