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Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome *10 STEP RECOVERY ASAP* (2021 Update)

Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome is a complex syndrome that often involves weed addiction and THC induced psychosis. In this brief video Dr. Frank the …


15 thoughts on “Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome *10 STEP RECOVERY ASAP* (2021 Update)

  1. I'm really really struggling I can feel this coming bk but I cant stop I don't want to die and I cant have hot baths as it irritates me more please help
    My addiction weed bong hits

  2. I always thought CHS was a conspiracy but likely this was just the addiction voices in my head speaking to me. I had bouts of violent vomiting – quite sporadic – so only once or twice a year, but when they came, they were pretty aggressive and I would require a drip to rehydrate sometimes. I would also suffer from milder nausea a lot of the time outside of these bouts and was not sure what this was either. Now that I have been off nicotine AND THC for 6 weeks, I have not experienced even a slight bit of nausea; not even once. So, starting to really believe in this now. Thanks for reinforcing the decisions I have taken in the last while. I am feeling really good about this. I do still have what feels like a brain fog which seems to not be going away. How long might this last?? Must I just be patient?

  3. i only had the prodromal phase does that mean i should take the same precautions as someone who had the severe phase of it? Also should i never smoke again or should i take it super slow months from now? (Tomorrow is 3 weeks sober for me)

  4. I just turned 18 years old whether you believe me or not is your own judgment I have been suffering with CHS for the past 12 to 18 months I would say and smoking for about 24 months I believe the root of CHS has to do with a detox like you suggested my CHS started when I drink a bunch of alcohol which causes you to get the hydrated which squeezes water out of your fat cells then the next day I suddenly started burping and it has never stopped since I now suffer with chronic burping The symptoms are very similar to ketosis so I definitely feel like it's very likely it's related to fat break down. Please respond and give me your thoughts condolences Marc

  5. Freezing the liquid IV’s into ice cubes helped so much if you can’t take down water

  6. I hope this channel helps more people like it helped me. It was a rough detox but it was worth it in the end. I hope someone else gets the help they need.

  7. Hey I been sober for about 3 weeks now I had Chs everything is slowly starting to get back to normal I’m not nauseous no more or anything but I still have stomach pain and for some reason getting headaches I also used to smoke juuls every day every hour is this normal I just went cold turkey after 7 years of going crazy

  8. I’ve been waking up nauseous , throwing up through out the day , lose in my appetite and pain in the stomach. I’ve been smoking almost everyday for the past year or 2 from carts to just actual bud. I managed to stop smoking for a week but the symptoms where still their. Something that really helped me bring back my appetite and stop smoking was taking shrooms. The day after I took the psychedelics I felt so much better and literally lost interest in smoking in general.

  9. Damn I’ve never smoked enough to have withdrawals , I’m random cause I might smoke for a week straight blunt back to back but quit for 3 months. Weeds more of a medical thing with me but I don’t make it my god. So I have seen some people that abuse it that get some of these symptoms especially high doses in edibles. Joey Diaz would get symptoms after so much he said on his podcast . I think people are using it as a crutch . I love weed and it saved me in cancer other past problems. But abuse anything it’s gonna bite. Especially those carts. There so many deferent processes and still make sure it’s lab tested with a regional legal trademark tag

  10. Let's go Dr Frank😎😎😎

  11. Can CHS cause acid reflux? I feel like my stomach is about to stop working haha

  12. Wow happy 4 you dude ! Haven't done pot or liquor for many years ,. Its hard at first but when you get use to it , its all good 👍

  13. Your alot of help man. Your videos are very much appreciated.

  14. 3 weeks sober.. every day smoker 7 times a day for 10 years… lost 15 pounds but slowly eating again..

  15. 2 weeks clean today!!! Rrreeeeeeerr

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