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  1. The only thing I got is the face mist, everything else was different but I loved my box this month. It was the best box I've had yet!

  2. I didn't get a palette in my base box, I couldn't believe it!! No make-up except a black Rockin's mascara. They gave me a pair of eyelashes, tweezers and adhesive that cost $54, I dnt even wear faux lashes and would never pay more than $10 if I did..I received the clean slate spray, I have dry aging skin so that's useless, Kate Somerville's moisturizer was cool and the truly lip butter would have been cool if it didn't melt and get everywhere..My box was absolutely terrible!! I had cancelled and re-subscribed and this was what I got-since when do they not promise a palette in the base box?? So disappointed..

  3. Love that variation.

    Also, you're so pretty. You give me faith that as a 30something woman soon to be 40 something one day, I don't have to be afraid of it I can still look good lol. You should do a video about your skin care routine! Do you go to an esthetician? I'm always looking to up my game

  4. My Truly completely melted and I got it off the porch as soon as it came. Hoping it is ok when it hardens up, but it is not pretty anymore and no smell. It is a little gritty. I have just cancelled all my Boxycharm, I have not gotten a pallette in any box this month and last months was broken. Too much skincare, I have no one to give it too and have donated so much and still have drawers full!!!!

  5. I got the same box!… I picked the lash serum… I was hoping and happy get the lip butter too… the palette color story is meh, but I have people that I can gift it to and the Booty drops aren't really something that I was excited to get, but if they smell like Starbucks, I might just keep it on my nightstand to sniff in the morning… lol… overall I'm happy with my box… Boxyluxe has disappointed me the last few times, so I'm hoping that doesn't let me down next month…

    My DHL shipping weight was 1.55lbs

  6. i got the kate sommerville and i love it so so so much. ive always wanted To try something from her

  7. I hope they consider getting us some Laura gellar baked blushes 😍. Has anyone noticed we don’t get much from certain mainstream brands? I don’t think I’ve seen any too faced, thrive, Laura mercier, etc.

  8. I was excited to get that balm too. It looks like cake frosting 🧁😋

  9. wow nice you get what you wanted…lucky you …I wanted that too… I am not as lucky…I have to get me a youtube channel lol..but on all I'm pretty happy with most of my boxes…

  10. I loved my box & got the lip butter but my lid was loose & lost most of it because it melted. Sent them an email but have heard nothing. Very disappointed!

  11. The thing is that "if's" or "but's" on random items for everyone to b 100% satisfied, is way too much too high of a standard to hold Boxycharm responsible, for fulfilling every month for every single charmer out there to be honest. So, sometimes I find myself being a little more lenient with my boxes. As long as I get my money's worth and that it is enjoyable to me, life is good. Boxy is great!! I wish we were all more like Rhonda. She nit picked. However, as most of us should do, in the end; she maturely agrees to the items happily and calls it a wrap, as most of don't do. Instead many complaint over and over about the same so called issue. True some have very valid points. But over all, the point of the box is to "self pamper" because we deserve to treat ourselves for all we do.. Just a humble opinion and some common sense. 👍🏻👍🏻

  12. I have the exact same box… I haven’t opened my booty drops yet but now I will to see what it smells like. My lip butter was melted but I do live in Florida so I can’t be mad lol

  13. I thought the same thing with those booty drops!! They smell like coffee and I love it!! And that truly lip butter is amazing!!! Mine wasn't melted thankfully, it was soft but wasn't liquid like I heard some peoples were…I like your box…I got that Kate Somerville product and it's my first ever Kate Somerville product and happy to try it out. ❤️😁

  14. I got the same box. I am in love with the Truly lip butter. Probably one of my most favorite items in a long time.

  15. I got this same box and I have a greater respect towards my box now. Thanks for the great review.

  16. Hey my favorite hot mess♥️♥️

  17. I got the same box not bad of a box

  18. My truly lip stuff came melted ☹ I am still so sad about it! Glad yours wasn't!

  19. What are lash extensions? Are they just fake lashes or what?

  20. I love the lip butter! It looks and smells like frosting to me.

  21. The booty drops i got smell like coffee

  22. I got the exact same box I loved everything i was hoping for katesummervill but I didn't get it..I love the lip butter 🙂

  23. Hi Rhonda! I got the same box as you! I really liked it. The palette is good for everyday easy looks, love the lip butter and the booty drops smell like coffee.

  24. I got the same box you did and well (the hubby made fun of the booty drops and had to listen to THAT song) the lips butter is eh for me. Still not sure if it mixes with some rules out there about it. I cant give up my boxy now that i'm hooked

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