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7 High Growth Recession Stocks That Are On Fire!

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11 thoughts on “7 High Growth Recession Stocks That Are On Fire!

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  2. Jerry, I am following you a while. Before, I lost Money. I followed your hints in the Last Couple of weeks. So far:
    Dick's sporting goods +5%
    Culicke&soffa: +15%
    Navient: +5%
    Anterro Ressources: (still) +15%

    I am Taking in Cube smart and Nvidia – good so Far.

    I will Join your discord with please.
    I am a Student and don't Work right now – when I am done studying for Sure.

    For your question of the day:
    Do you ajust your Limits in your profitable positions/ trains more than once a month or how do you save your gains?:)

  3. Great Beast Mode analysis explanation Jerry just like the old days ! really enjoyed it ! Coffee Cheers !

  4. Wonderful video, Jerry 👍

  5. Hi, can you turn on the Spanish subtitles? .

  6. Jerry: What do you think of ISRG stock? Is it a but now?

  7. Haven’t seen a beast mode video in a while, oh how I’ve missed thee 😂😂

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